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I have been using Versatile application and the experience so far is very delightful. Versatile Application handles multi-channel inventory in a flexible way. We can list products on various channels with synced inventory & prices. The experience has been excellent, Versatile provides direct access to a support team for any issues. I cannot imagine running online e-commerce sites without it.

Owner & Artisan Retail, Self-employed

Extremely happy to use versatile application, syncing with the marketplace is fast. My major requirement was to upload listing info via a CSV file which is handled in efficient way. Balancing inventory when selling on multiple channels is all but impossible to do manually with any type of volume at all.

Business Strategy Manager Consumer Electronics

Versatile inventory management is extremely consistent. Their repricing is working great for us which improved overall profits. Technical support is added feature, they work closely and fix the issues in no time. If there is something that cannot be fixed immediately, they inform in advance. They are always working on updates and improvements to the system.

ECOM MANAGER Apparel & Fashion


Core features of Versatile Commerce

Inventory Management for Multi-channel eCommerce selling

Ensure accurate demand-planning and supply with a real-time picture of your inventories across multiple locations.. more info

Multichannel Marketplace Management

Manage your product listings across multiple channels and platforms, through our single integrated system..more info

Content Management for eCommerce

Manage the content in your product listings across multiple channels and platforms, through our single integrated system.. more info

Analytics and Reporting for eCommerce

Gain deep visibility into your business and understand the trends through analytics. Empower yourself with data-driven decision making.. more info

Integrations: Countless Possibilities to Scale your business

Integrate with multiple marketplaces, vendor systems, logistics & shipping carriers, seamlessly and scale your operations with no extra effort.. more info

Order Management for Multi-channel eCommerce selling

Efficiently track and fulfill sales orders with our integrated platform, built for multi channel order management.. more info

eCommerce Customer Service Management

Great customer service is the backbone of every great business. We help you reinvent your customer service for the eCommerce age.. more info

AI powered Intelligent Pricing Management for eCommerce

Data powered Intelligent Price Management program that automatically adjusts the selling price for your products.. more info

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